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Green Building was once widely perceived to be a luxury construction approach but the truth is that incorporating green building practices in a home is simpler and cheaper than you think. Initially, it definitely comes up with some added cost but developers have found out that green practices can actually reduce the construction costs besides enhancing the quality of construction. Still there are people who get intimidated with the phrase of green home practices but let me assure you that you can have an eco-conscious home without even starting the construction from scratch.
From switching to LED lights to installing right fixtures for water conservation – there are a number of ways to make your home greener. Read on the following post to find out more ways to make your home environmentally friendly and green.
Switching to LED light bulbs is the easiest thing that will positively affect your electricity bulb. Installing wide windows is another step to have a green home. It is not wrong to state that wide windows are crucial for maximum energy efficiency and for making a comfortable home.
Switching to modern and latest heating and cooling systems can also help you a lot – not just in saving on bills but also to make your home more energy efficient. It is because manufacturers mostly come up with energy efficient and compact designs to meet the energy crisis.
The idea may not initially appeal you, if you are going to construct a brand new home but it is an easily workable idea for the ones, who want to make their existing home greener than before. The idea works like if you are planning to replace your countertops in kitchen, you can use recycled steel or reclaimed wood. For new homes, you can go for bamboo wood which works quite well as a kitchen countertop being durable and resistant to moisture. You can also use bamboo wood for flooring options along with others such as linoleum and cork.
Selecting the right fixtures for your home can help you save thousands of gallons of water per year. You can switch to toilets that use less than one gallon of water per flush and in a year, it will help you save 6000 to 9000 gallons of water. Moreover, you can go for new fixture and appliances that can conserve water. You will save money on operating costs. You can also collect rain water for irrigation purpose for your lawn. Think innovatively.
You don’t need to build a green home from scratch to incorporate sustainable home practices. Choose a few small changes that you can incorporate within the same old home.

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